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Weekly Column from the Arkansas House of Representatives 1-20-23

House members will enter the third week of the 2023 Regular Session on Monday.

In the second week, several bills passed the House and are now making their way to the Senate.

On Wednesday, the House passed HB1018. This bill will allow members of municipal fire department bomb squads to carry weapons while responding to bomb threats.

The House also passed HB1086. This bill amends the law concerning parking privileges for a person with a disabled veteran special license plate. It states vehicles with a disabled veteran special license plate can have access to disabled parking spaces if the vehicle also displays a special certificate issued by the Office of Motor Vehicle.

On Thursday, the House passed HB1023. This bill states that all US flags and Arkansas flags purchased by a public entity with public funds shall be made and manufactured in the United States.

The House passed HB1024. This bill removes the requirement to collect a tax on prepared food and hotel purchases for cities seeking to create an entertainment district.

The House also passed HB1028. This bill replaces the term “child pornography” with the term “child sexual abuse material” in Arkansas code. This is the term used by several states and by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Close to 170 bills have been filed in the House so far. More than 70 bills have been filed in the Senate.

We will continue to update you on developments throughout the session.

You can watch all committee meetings and House floor proceedings at

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